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A 135 g sample of metal requires 2.50 kJ to change its temperature from 19.5 oC to 100.0 oC. What is the specific heat of this metal?


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Step 1


Mass of the metal, m = 135 g

Heat required, q =2.50 kJ = 2500 J    (1 kJ = 1000 J)

Initial temperature, T1 = 19.5 oC

Final temperature, T2 = 100.0 oC

The specific heat required to rise the temperature of a substance is given as:


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mx ΔT where, q heat mass of the substance m specific heat of the substance c AT rise in temperature

Step 2


△T = T2 – T1 = 100.0 oC – 19.5 oC = 80.5 oC

Therefore, the specific he...


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mx ΔT 2500 J 135 g x 80.5 °C 0.23 J/g °C c


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