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a 2.0m wide continuous foundation is placed at 1.5m depth in a saturated clay layer where Cu=40kn/m2 and gamma=18.5 kn/m3. At 2m below ground level, clay underlain by another stiffer clay layer, where Cu=60 and gamma=19. Whats the max wall load allowed if FS=3


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Step 1


The width of the continuous foundation is 2 m.

The depth of the foundation Df  is 1.5 m.

The Factor of safety FOS is 3.

Detail of the soil existing up to the base of the foundation (Top layer):

The soil is saturated clay with cohesion value Cu1 is 40 kN/m2.

The unit weight of the saturated clay is g1 is 18.5 kN/m3.

Detail of the soil from the base of the foundation upto a depth of 2m from ground (Bottom layer):

The soil is stiffer clay with cohesion value Cu2 is 60 kN/m2.

The unit weight of the stiffer clay is g2 is 19 kN/m3.

Step 2


The ultimate bearing capacity of the upper and the lower soil layer is denoted by qt and qb.

For clay soil, the value of bearing capacity factors Nc is 5.14, Nq is 1, and Ng is 0.

For clay soil, the value of shape factors Sc is 1, Sq is 1, and Sg is 1.

Step 3

Find the Ratio to determine whether the weaker soil laye...


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9. -СN 9. С. С Я С, N 60 40 1.5<2


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