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A 25.0-mL sample of 0.125 M pyridine is titrated with 0.100 MHCl. 

a.) Calculate the pH at 10 mL of added acid. 

b.)Calculate the pH at 20 mL of added acid. 

c.) Calculate the pH at equivalence point.

d.) Calculate the pH at one-half equivalence point. 


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Step 1


At halfway to the equivalent point,


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A PH PКа+og [НА] At half equivalence point, HAA pKbof pyridine-1.7x10 Hence, the pHof the solution half way to the equivalence point 1.7x10

Step 2

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[pyridineK, xc = v1.7x10- x0.125 =0.00000515 =5.15x10M pOH-log OH =-log 5.15x10 M5.28


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