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A 3.00-g lead bullet at 30.0°C is fired at a speed of 2.40 x 102 m/s into a large, fixed block of ice at 0°C, in which it becomes embedded. (a) Describe the energy transformations that occur as the bullet is cooled. What is the final temperature of the bullet? (b) What quantity of ice melts?


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Step 1

Answer (a)

Transformation of energy can be expressed in an equation which can be written in simple form as,

Energy transferred to the ice = kinetic energy of the bullet +heat released by the bullet


Step 2

As the bullet gets embedded into the ice which infers that the whole volume of ice does not melt to the liquid form but partially it will melt as some amount of heat will be transferred in it by the kinetic energy of the bullet.

Also, the melting of ice will acquire the available heat and no increase in temperature will take place. So, the final temperature of the bullet as it gets embedded into ice,


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Step 3

The kinetic energy of the bulle...


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KE =-m? K.E = (3×10³ kg )(2.4×10° ms1)* KE= 86.4 J


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