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A 33 kHz soundwave travels in air at v=355 m/s

What is the temperature of the air through which it travels?

What is the velocity and wavelength?   


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Step 1

What is the velocity and wavelength?   

Given data:

Frequency of the soundwave, f  = 33 kHz = 33000 Hz

Velocity of sound wave in air, v = 355 m/s

Step 2


The formula:


Image Transcriptionclose

|yRT γρΜ •y =1.4 (For air) •R = 8.314 J •T = ? •p = 1.23 kg/m² (For air) •M = 0.018 kg/mol (For air)

Step 3

Plugging in the given values:


Image Transcriptionclose

1.4× 8.314 ×T 355 =, 1.23 x 0.018 355 = 525.72719×T T = 239.715 K


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