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A 5.00g sample of sand and salt is 75.0%w/w salt. How many grams of salt and sand are in the mixture? 


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Step 1

Mass percentage can be defined as the parts of a substance (A) per hundred parts of the total by mass.

mass ofAinwhole
Mass %A =.
mass of the whole

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mass ofAinwhole Mass %A =. -x100% mass of the whole

Step 2

To determine the mass of the salt in the given sample.

Mass percentage of Salt = 75 %

Total mass of mixture = 5.0 g

The mass of the salt in the given sample:

Mass of the salt =75%of 5.0g

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Mass of the salt =75%of 5.0g 75 -x5.0g 100 3.75g

Step 3

To determine the mass of the sand in the given sample :

Mass percentage of Sand = (100-75)% = 25.0 % o...

Mass of the sand = 25% of 5.0g
- x5.0g

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Mass of the sand = 25% of 5.0g 25 - x5.0g 100 =1.25g


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