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A 5.00x105 kg subway train is brought to a stop from a speed of 0.500 m/s in 0.400 m by a large spring bumper at the end of its track.  What is the force constant k of the spring?
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781 kN/m
625 kN/m
100 kN/m
6.25 N/m
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Step 1


m 5x10 k
v 0.500 m/s
x 0.400 m

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m 5x10 k v 0.500 m/s x 0.400 m

Step 2

According to law of ...

5x10 x(0.5)
k 781250 N/m
k 781.250 kN/m
k 781 kN/m

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1 mу 2 2 ту k 5x10 x(0.5) (0.4) k k 781250 N/m k 781.250 kN/m k 781 kN/m


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