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A 560 g squirrel with a surface area of 930 cm2 falls from a 5.0 m tree to the ground.  Calculate the terminal velocity using the drag coefficient for a horizontal skydiver.
Group of answer choices
9.7 m/s
9.8 m/s
9.9 m/s
10 m/s

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Step 1

The mass of the squirrel,

The density of the medium,

The acceleration due to gravity,


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m 0.560 kg p 1.21 kg/m3 g 9.8 m/s

Step 2

The drag coefficient,

The surface area of the squirrel,



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C 1.0 A 930 x10 m2

Step 3

The terminal velocity of ...


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2mg 1 VРCА ОСА


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