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A 755 mL sample of gas which contains 0.0588 moles kept at 450. K would be under what pressure?


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The gaseous state is the state of matter with least intermolecular force of attraction between molecules and highest kinetic energy. The standard properties of gases like Pressure, volume, and temperature can be calculated with the help of ideal gas equation.

Step 2

The ideal gas equation can be written as:


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P x V n x RxT Here: P Pressure V volume T temperature R gas constant n moles of gas

Step 3


Volume = 755 mL = 0.755 L

Moles = n = 0.0588 moles

T = 450 K

Substitute the val...


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P x V n R x T 0.0588 moles x 0.0821 L.atm/K.mol x 450 K P x 0.755 L 0.0588 moles x 0.0821 L.atm/K.mol x 450 K 0.755 L P 2.9 atm


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