a= 76.4 , b = 39.3, c = 85.9, C = 90°

If angle information is given in decimal convert to degrees and minutes 

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Trigonometric Ratios

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A: Given

Q: Hw 10

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A: Given information can be well written mathematically as.

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A: Given:

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A: Given,

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A: The given equations are as follows:            x = 2sin t            y = 6cos t

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A: From the given statement,

Q: find x ,x+2tanx=90degree

A: Start by converting degrees on the right side to equivalent radian angle:

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A: Given,

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A: Given information

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A: Given the trigonometric equation

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A: Given:

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A: Given,

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Q: I'm having trouble understanding this homework. I have 0.0 so far.

A: Solve the given equation as follows.

Q: Photo attached

A:  First of all, redraw the figure and put the given values.AB = x BC = CD = 14AD = 100∠A = 31°Arc BD ...

Q: photo attached

A: Given,

Q: Determine whether each statement is true or false. Tan 41° < cot 41°

A: The given trigonometric expression is

Q: sin(cot-1(-3))

A: Given:

Q: In the roof truss shown, determine the lengths of the top chords AB and BC and find the angles at A ...

A: Consider the given diagram,The length of AB and BC is given by the Pythagoras theorem as follows,