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A _____ is something that has a definite composition. 


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The study of the composition, structure and characteristics of matter; the processes which matter...

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Q: A piece of Granite rock has a mass of 15.5 g and a volume of 6.01 mL. What is its density? (Put in c...

A: Given,Mass = 15.5 gVolume = 6.01 mLThe density of Granite rock can be calculated as:


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Q: If Z is the protons and A is the mass number how am I to solve these types of equations?   How many ...

A: In a neutral atom, Z represents atomic number, which is the number of protons present in the atom an...


Q: What is the percent of NaOH by mass for 120 g of NaOH in 1000 g of water?

A: 120 g of NaOH in 1000 g of water.Mass of the solution is mass of the solute plus mass of the solvent...


Q: A 1.00 m long beam of stainless steel with a square 2.00 cm×2.00 cm cross section has a mass of 3.02...

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Q: d). For the electrochemical cell, Fe(s) | Feaq) || Cu aq)| Cu'(aq) | Pt(s), determine the equilibriu...

A: Analyzing the given cell shows that it contain two half reactions depicted as below,


Q: How much more OH- is in water at a pH of 11 when compared to pH of 7?

A: Step 1-In this question we have to compare the OH-concentration in water at pH = 11 and at pH = 7.


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A: Step 1:We have given a hot air balloon which is filled with 1.02×106 L of air and this air is then h...


Q: In the titration of a strong acid (the analyte) with a strong base (the titrant), what type of pH pr...

A: The equivalence point is the point at which enough base is added to acid to make the solution neutra...