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A bag filled with lead shots is dropped from a height of h = 33.0 m. The total mass of the bag is m = 585.0 g. What is the increase in the temperature of the lead shots, after the bag hits the ground? The specific heat of lead is c = 130 J/kgK.


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According to the law of conservation of energy, the total energy for a given isolated system remains constant or conserved or it can also be concluded from this law that energy can neither be created and it cannot be destroyed. 

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The height is given to be 33.0 m.

The total mass of the bag is given to be 585 g=0.585 kg.

The specific heat ‘c’ is given to be 130J/ kg K.

And g=9.8 m/s2

According to the given situation, the kinetic energy can be related as a measure of heat. It is known that temperature is proportional to heat and heat is the measure of kinetic energy of the molecules that are present in the given system.

Step 3

By applying the law of conservation of energy, one c...


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Potential energy=Q[heat) mxgxh mxcxAT gxh AT= C 9.8m/s2x33.0 m 130 J/kg.K =2.48 K


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