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A bag of cookies holds 40 cookies. The calorie information on the bag claims that there are 10 servings in the bag and that a single serving equals 300 calories. Design and write a C++ program that prompts your user for the number of cookies that he or she actually ate from one of these bags and then displays the number of calories they consumed.


Expert Answer

Step 1

Program Algorithm

  • Declare the required variable in the main().
  • Get the input from the user for the number of cookies.
  • Calculate the total calories consumed by the user.
  • Display the total calories consumed by the user as output.
Step 2

Source Code

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()


    int number;

    cout << "Enter the number of cookies you ate:" <<endl;

    cin >> number;

    double cookies_per_serving = 40 / 10;

    double calories_per_ser...

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