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A balloon of H2 and a balloon of O2 are floating in our classroom. Thus, they're at the same pressure and temperature. The volume of H2 balloon is 4 times the volume of the O2 balloon. What is ratio between the mass of Hand the mass of O2? mass H over mass O2


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Step 1

The two balloons filled with H2 and O2 gases are the same temperature and pressure. The volume of the H2 balloon is 4 times the volume of the O2 balloon.

Let the volumes of the two balloons be 4V and V units respectively.

Assume that the temperature and pressure of the two balloons are T and P respectively.

Further assume that the masses of H2 and O2 gases in the balloons are w1 and w2 respectively.

The molar masses of H2 and O2 are M1 = 2 units and M2 = 32 units.

Step 2

Assume that the gases H2 and O2 are ideal gases and hence, we can apply the ideal gas law for both.

where n1 and n2 are the moles of H2 and O2 gases present in the balloons.

Step 3

We can divide the first expression by the second to ge...


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