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A baseball leaves the bat with a speed of 47 m/s and an angle of 45 degrees above the horizontal. A 5.0 m high fence is located at the horizontal distance of 137 m from the point where the ball is struck. Assuming the ball leaves the bat 1.0 m above ground level, by how much does the ball clear the fence?


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Step 1


The rocket starts from rest. Hence, its initial velocity, u =0

acceleration is a = 10 m/s2

In first stage, before the engine shuts off, height attained = s = 0.50 km 

First, we need to find the final velocity attained by the rocket at the end of first stage. 

Step 2

Final velocity at the end of first stage can be calculated using third equation of motion.

Step 3

In the second stage, the engine shuts off. The final velocity of first stage becomes the initial velocity of second stage. 

At the maximum altitude, the final velocity of the rocket...


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