Asked Dec 2, 2019

A beam of polarized light passes through a polarizing filter.
When the angle between the polarizing axis of the filter and the di￾rection of polarization of the light is 45∘
, the intensity of the emerging
beam is ?. If you now want the intensity to be 1.5?, what should be the
angle between the polarizing axis of the filter and the original direction
of polarization of the light?


Expert Answer

Step 1

let Io be the initial intensity,

the final intensity of light is, 


Image Transcriptionclose

I 1 cos2e

Step 2

substitute the known values, 


Image Transcriptionclose

I -1, cos2 450 I. 2 0.51

Step 3

when the final intensity is 0.5 or the ...


Image Transcriptionclose

cos2 cos e I e cos


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