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A Bernoulli process has 6 trials and probability of success 0.39. Find the following probabilities.

1) Exactly 2 successes.

2) Exactly 2 failures

3) a) At most 1 success. b) At least 1 success. c) At least 1 success and 1 failure.

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Step 1

As per norms , the first three questions are answered. To determine the required probabilities in a Bernoulli process with the given parameters

Step 2

Given an experiment  (trial) with P(success) =0.39; so P(failure) = 0.61. This trial is repeated 6 times, and we need to calculate the required probabilities

Step 3

1) Exactly 2 successes if and only if exactly 4 failures. Any 2 of the 6 trials could be ...


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P(S Suceess) 0.39, P(F) = 0.61; 1)P(S 2; F 4) - 6C,P(S) P(F) 6xx(0.39) x (0.61) 2 = 0.3159


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