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A block of wood floats in fresh water with 0.695 of its volume V submerged and in oil with 0.939 V submerged. Find the density of (a) the wood and (b) the oil.

Please give a thorough explantion. The textbook solution does not give enough steps, very unclear.


Thank you!


Expert Answer

Step 1


As wooden block floats on water, buoyant force exerted by water on block will be equal to the weight of block acting downwards.


Answer: 695 kg/m3


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msed&=P(0.695Vg PslacVstock =(0.695) P,Vsed Priocs (0.695)P (0.695)(1000kg/m2) =695kg/m3

Step 2


At equilibrium, buoyant force exerted by oil on block will...


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moiosk&=Pei (0.939V Peicele block = (0.939) Vlock cil block Pstock (0.939)P 695kg/m3=(0.939) 695 kg/m3 Pll 0.939 740kg/m3


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