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A box contains 5 red marbles, 4 green, and 8 blue. Find the probability of pulling two red marbles followed by a green marble if the marbles are pulled from the bag without replacement.


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Step 1

There are total 17 marbles in a box as 5 red + 4 green + 8 blue.


Now consider the following values:


A = {first pull a red marble without replacement}


B = {second pull a red marble without replacement}


C = {third pull a green marble without replacement}


Therefore, probability that first marble drawn is red is...

5 4 4
P(A followed by B followed by C);
17 16 15

Image Transcriptionclose

5 4 4 P(A followed by B followed by C); 17 16 15 80 0.0196 4080


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