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A box has 4 yellow, 8 gray, and 3 black marbles. Three marbles are drawn at the same time (i.e. without replacement) from the box. Let X be the number of gray marbles drawn. Find the following. (Round your answers to three decimal places.)

a) P(X = 2) = 

b) P(X ≤ 2) = 


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Step 1

a.The P(X=2) is obtained below:

From the given information, number of yellow marbles is 4, number of grey marbles is 8 and number of black marbles is 3. The number of marbles drawn from the box is 3.

Total number of marbles=4+8+3=15

Let the random variable X be the number of gr...


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P(X 2) HYPGE OM.DIST(2,3,8,15,FAL SE) (: From Excel) = = 0.4308


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