Asked Oct 21, 2019
A cannon ball is launched at 45 m/sec, at 37 degrees, from a platform that is 30 meters above the ground.
Use energy conservation method to calculate the speed of the ball when it hits the earth.

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Step 1


Initial speed of canon ball, u = 45 m/s

Height of the platform from the ground, H = 30 m

Acceleration due to gravity, g = 9.8

Let the speed of the ball be v m/s when it hit the ground

Step 2

From the conservatio...


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K.E, P.E K.E, + P.E 1 1 mu+mgH =mv2 + 2 2 1 -1- +gH 2 2 Plugging in the given values: 1 x(45)9.8x30 2 2 1306.5 2 v 51.11 m/s


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