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A cannon fires towards a mountain slope with an initial velocity of 340 m/s at 48 degrees above the horizontal and impacts on the mountainside 37 s after being fired. What are the X and Y coordinates of the cannon ball where it hits the mountain relative to its original firing point.


Expert Answer

Step 1


initial velocity, Vi=340 m/s 

angle, θ=48.0 degrees 

time, t=37 sec

Step 2


X = distance travelled in x-direction

Y = distance travelled in y-direction

Xi= initial distance=0

Yi= initial distance=0

Vxi=Velocity in x-direction

Vyi=Velocity in y-direction

t= time

ax = accelerations in x direction = 0

ay = accelerations in x direction =-9.8 m/Sec2

Step 3

Subsititute all the known v...


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