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A centrifuge in a medical laboratory rotates at an angular velocity of 3600 rev/min.  When switched off, it rotates through 50.0 revolutions before coming to rest.  Find the constant angular acceleration (in rad/s2) of the centrifuge.


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Step 1

Let the initial and final angular velocities of the centrifuge be denoted as ωo and ωf .Let the angular acceleration be denoted as α.

Let the angular displacement of the centrifuge be denoted as θ.

Use the rotational analogue of the third kinematic equation as,



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Step 2

Calculate ωo and θ in rad/s and rad as,


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2T rad 1min rev o (3600) min Irev 60s 377rad/s 2лтаd e=50rev lrev 314.16rad

Step 3

Substitute 0 rad/s for ωf, 377 rad/s for ωo, 314.16 rad for &the...


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02 (377rad/s)+2a(314.16rad) (377rad/s α- 628.32rad =-226.20rad /s


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