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A Coast Guard cutter detects an unidentified ship at a distance
of 20.0 km in the direction 15.0° east of north. The ship
is traveling at 26.0 km/h on a course at 40.0° east of north.
The Coast Guard wishes to send a speedboat to intercept
and investigate the vessel. (a) If the speedboat travels at 50.0
km/h, in what direction should it head? Express the direction
as a compass bearing with respect to due north. (b) Find the
time required for the cutter to intercept the ship.


Expert Answer

Step 1

(a) Consider the diagram below.


Image Transcriptionclose

North 150 25.0 40.0 do de 15.0 East 15.0

Step 2

Along the direction of east,


Image Transcriptionclose

d sin a = d, sin 25° (50.0km/h)rsin a = (26.0km/h)fsin 25° (26.0km/h)( sin 25°) a = sin- 50.0km/h =12.7°

Step 3

Direct with respect ...


Image Transcriptionclose

e = a +15° =(12.7°)+(15°) (east of north) = 27.7°


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