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A coin with a 0.40 probability for a tail is flipped five times. 

A) Find the probability of obtaining exactly four tails

B) Find the probability of obtaining exactly one heads

C) True or​ False? The probabilities in parts A and B must be equal to each other.


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Step 1


The probability of obtaining exactly four tails is,


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Р(X -*) -"р (1-р)" (0.4) (1-0.4) Р(X - 4)- 4 -0.0768

Step 2

Thus, the probability of obtaining exactly four tails is 0.0768.


The probability for a head i...


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-C P(X-1)0.6)0-06) P(X x) (-p) n-x 5- P(X1) =0.0768


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