Asked Nov 17, 2019
  1. A company spends x hundred dollars on an advertising campaign. The amount of money in sales S(x) (in $1000) for the 4-month period after the advertising campaign can be modeled by

    S(x)=5+7 ln(x+1)

    If the sales total $19,100, how much was spent on advertising? Round to the nearest dollar.


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Step 1

Given that, an amount of x hundred dollars is spend on an advertising campaign. The below model shows the amount of money in sales for the 4 month period.


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Step 2

Determine the amount x if the sales t...


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19,100 57 1n(x+1) 7In (x 1)19095 19095 In(x+1) 7 19095 x1 e x=e2727.85 -1


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