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A company that produces wakeboards forecasts monthly sales S over a two-year period to be
S = 2.6 + 0.144t + 2.2 sin( πt/6 − π/2)
where S is measured in hundreds of units and t is the time (in months), with
t = 1 corresponding to January 2014. Estimate sales for each month. (Round your answers to the nearest unit.)

January 2014
February 2015
May 2014
June 2015


Expert Answer

Step 1

a) S = 2.6 + 0.144t + 2.2 sin( pi t/6 - pi/2) when t=1

Sale for January 2014 = 84 units (after rounding)

Step 2

b) S = 2.6 + 0.144t + 2.2 sin( pi t/6 - pi/2) when t=14

Sale for February 2015 = 271 units (after rounding)

Step 3

c) S = 2.6 + 0.144t + 2.2 sin( pi t/6 - pi/2) when t=5



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