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A cube of solid aluminum has a volume of 8.87×103 cm3 and a density of 2.6989g/cm3. However, the cube was dropped and you were left with a chunk with a volume of 1.70×103 cm3. How many atoms of aluminum did you lose?

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Step 1

Initial volume V1 = 8.87 x 103 cm3.

Density, d = 2.6989 g/cm3.

Initial mass, m1 = V1 x d = (8.87 x 103 cm3) x (2.6989 g/cm3) = 2.39 x 104 g.

Step 2

Number of mols of Al initially present, n1 = m1 / atomic mass = 2.39 x 104 g/ 26.98 g/mol = 885.8 mol.

Number of atoms initially present, N1 = n1 x NA = 885.8...

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