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A cup with 1.25 kg of ice is at -10 celsius is heated until all the ice melts. How much energy was added to the ice? (Lf=334kJ/kg  Cice=2 kJ/kg*c)


(answer: 443 kJ) 



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Step 1


m 1.25 Kg
T 263 K
= 334 kJ/Kg
= 2 kJ/Kg°C

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m 1.25 Kg T 263 K = 334 kJ/Kg = 2 kJ/Kg°C Cge

Step 2

In given situation there will be two types of heat given to system,

(a) Sensible heat due to temperature change from -10C to 0

(b) Latent heat due to phase change from ice to water.

Step 3

Heat due to temperatu...

О - тсAт
о - 25000 J
Q 25 kJ

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О - тсAт а-(1.25)(2x10)(о-(-10)) о - 25000 J Q 25 kJ


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