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A die is loaded in such a way that the probability of each face turning up is proportional to the number of dots on that face. (For example, a six is three times as probable as a two.) What is the probability of getting an even number in one throw?


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Step 1

The probability of each face turning up is proportional to the number of dots on that face so,


The probability of getting 1 is p


The probability of getting 2 is 2p


The probability of getting 3 is 3p


The probability of getting 4 is 4p


The probability of getting 5 is 5p


and The probability of getting 6 is 6p.


 Since by the probability rule, sum of probabilities of the all the possible outcomes is equal to 1. So




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p+2p+3p+4p+ 5p+6p =1 21p 1 1 p = 21

Step 2

The probability of getting an even number in one throw = probability of getting 2 + probability...


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4 6 2 probablity of getting even number 21 21 21 12 21 4 7


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