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A dietary supplement can be described as


a prescription formulated adjunct to one’s dietary pattern.


a product whose formulation is standardized.


being deemed safe for human consumption.


a product that is ingested in addition to one’s typical dietary pattern.

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Step 1

Certain nutrients are often deficient in the regular diet of common man, therefore, dietary supplements are generally prescribed. The dietary supplements can be minerals, vitamins, herbs, amino acids, and concentrates. 

Step 2

Correct answer:-

The correct answer is option (4) a product that is ingested in addition to one's typical dietary pattern.  

Explanation for correct answer:-

Dietary supplements are the products taken by mouth that consist of dietary ingredients which are meant to supplement the typical diet. Hence, option(4) is the correct answer.


Step 3

Explanation for incorrect answers:-

Option (1) a prescription formulated adjunct to one's dietary pattern. Dietary supplements are not formulated according to prescriptions. Dietary supplements are not considered as drugs and hence do not require any prescription. They are usually self-prescribed. Hence, this option is incorrect.

Option(2) a product whose formulation is standardized. The dietary supplements are treated more like additional food and not as drugs therefore, the formulation of dietary supplements is no...

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