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A disk of mass m is spinning freely at 6.00 rad/s when a second
identical disk, initially not spinning, is dropped onto it so that
their axes coincide. In a short time the two disks are corotating.
(a) What is the angular speed of the new system? (b) If a
third such disk is dropped on the first two, find the final angular
speed of the system.


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Step 1


Mass of the disc = m

Angular velocity = 6 rad/s

Step 2

Calculating the new angular velocity if another dis...


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As there is no external force, so total angular momentum of the system would remain constant. Initial angular momentum, L; mr Final angular momentum, L, |0, = mr°o, 2 Equalizing initial and final angular momentum, L, =L, %3D mr Or mro, 6rad / s Or of 3rad / s o, = 3rad /s


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