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Water flows along a streamline through the pipe shown in Figure CQ9.11. Point A is higher than points B and C, and the pipe has a constant radius until it expands between B and C. From highest to lowest, (a) rank the flow speeds at points A, B, and C and (b) rank the pressures at points A, B, and C.

Figure cQ9.11

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A- Figure cQ9.11


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Part A:...


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From equation of continuity, AAVA = ABUB AgvB = Acvc The cross sectional areas corresponding to points A and B are the same. Therefore, AvA = AvB %3D VA = VB The cross sectional area corresponding to Cis greater than that of B. Therefore, Ag Ac Since, Ac > AB, Uв > vс Conclusion: The flow speeds at points A, B and C are ranked as vA = VB > vC •


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