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A gas made up of atoms escapes through a pinhole


times as fast as


gas. Write the chemical formula of the gas.


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Step 1

A gas made up of atoms escapes through a pinhole 0.175 times as fast as He gas. The chemical formula of the gas is to be determined.

Step 2

The escape of gaseous molecules through a small hole is known as effusion of gases.

According to Graham’s Law of effusion, the rate of effusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of its molar mass.


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1 Rate of effusion of gas c {Molar Mass of the gas When two gases (A and B) are compared, then Molar Mass of B |Molar Mass ofB Rate of effusion of A Molar Mass of A VMolar Mass of A Rate of effusion of B

Step 3

Determine the molar mass of given gas-


Given –

Rate of effusion of given gas = 0.175 times the ...


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Rate of effusion of unknown gas = 0.175 x Rate of effusion of He Rate of effusion of unknown gas Molar Mass of He Molar Mass of unknown(M) Rate of effusion of He 0.175x Rate of effusion of He 4.00 g/mol Rate of effusion of He м 4.00 g/mol 0.175 М Square the both sides- 4.00 g/mol (0.175) М 4.00 g/mo 0.0306 М .M 4.00 g/moi - 130.72 g/mol 131.0 g/mol 0.0306


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