Asked Feb 22, 2020

A glass vessel fitted with a stopcock valve has a mass of
337.428 g when evacuated. When filled with Ar, it has a
mass of 339.854 g. When evacuated and refilled with a
mixture of Ne and Ar, under the same conditions of temperature
and pressure, it has a mass of 339.076/ g. What is
the mole percent of Ne in the gas mixture?


Expert Answer

Step 1

The mass of evacuated vessel is 337.428 g .


The mass of the vessel when filled with Ar is 339.854 g .


 The mass of the vessel when filled with the mixture of Ne and Ar is 339.076 g .


 The vessel is filled both times at the same temperature and pressure conditions, means the number of moles of gas present inside the vessel are same in both case. The molar mass of neon is 20.18 g/mol . The molar mass of argon is 40.0 g/mol .


The mass of argon gas inside the vessel is, 339....

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