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A golf ball is struck with an initial velocity of 22 m/s at an angle of 23 degrees above the horizontal. On its downward trajectory, the ball hits an elevated green 2.4 meters above the tee elevation. Determine the flight time in seconds.

Determine the horizontal distance traveled (meters) by the golf ball under the conditions described above.

Determine the magnitude of the golf ball velocity (m/s) when it first strikes the green under the conditions described above.


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Step 1

The vertical and horizontal component of velocity is given by,


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= ", sin 0 =10 cos e = (22m/s)cos 23° 20.25m/s (22m/s)sin 23 8.59m/s

Step 2

The relation of the vertical distance and time of flight is


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yoinital distance in vertical direction 1 accelaration due to gravity y-yo t +-at 2 a = t time of flight +(9.8m/s2)r [solve for t -2.4m (8.59m/s)t -2.4m (8.59m/s)t - 4.9t2 t 2s

Step 3

The horizontal distance traveled by...


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-0+(20.25m/s) (2s) 40.5m


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