A hotel has experienced the following financial results: Income before non-operating income and expenses:       $400,000 Administrative and General:                                              $164,000 Sales and Marketing:                                                           $67,000 Property Operation and Maintenance:                                $61,000 Utilities:                                                                                $47,000 Rent:                                                                                     $28,000 Property and Other Texas:                                                    $45,000 Insurance:                                                                               $7,000 Interest:                                                                               $192,000 Depreciation:                                                                       $146,000 a.) How much is the non-operating expense? b.) How much is the income before income taxes?

Asked Oct 28, 2019

A hotel has experienced the following financial results: 

  • Income before non-operating income and expenses:       $400,000 
  • Administrative and General:                                              $164,000 
  • Sales and Marketing:                                                           $67,000 
  • Property Operation and Maintenance:                                $61,000 
  • Utilities:                                                                                $47,000 
  • Rent:                                                                                     $28,000 
  • Property and Other Texas:                                                    $45,000 
  • Insurance:                                                                               $7,000 
  • Interest:                                                                               $192,000 
  • Depreciation:                                                                       $146,000 

a.) How much is the non-operating expense? 

b.) How much is the income before income taxes? 

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Determine the amount of non...

Non-operating expense Rent Property and other taxes Inusrance

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Non-operating expense Rent Property and other taxes Inusrance =S28,000+S45,000+S7,000 =S80,000


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