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  1. A hydrogen atom absorbs a photon of UV light and its electron enters the n = 3 energy level. Calculate the change in energy of the atom and the wavelength (in nm) of the photon.

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Step 1

Hydrogen atom absorbs UV radiation such that its electron gets excited from ground level and enters in 3rd energy levels.

The change in energy level can be calculated by using the given formula.



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1 AE R H 2 1 AE 2.18x1018 J -(1)

Step 2

Substitute 1 for n1 and 3 for n2 in equation (1).

Thus, the change in energy is 1.936 × 10-18 J.

Now for this, the frequency will be-



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AE 2.18x10-18J 1 1 32 =2.18x10-18 9 =1.936x10-18J AE hv AE v= (2) 1.936x10-18 6.626x10-34 s 2.9218 10155-1 v=


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