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A jet travels 4576 mi against a jetstream in
8 hours and  5696 mi with the jetstream in the same amount of time. What is the rate of the jet in still air and what is the rate of the jetstream?

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Step 1

Let, the rate of the jet in still air is = x mi/hour

And the rate of the jet stream = y mi/hour.

Speed of the jet against the jet stream= (x-y)mil/hour

Speed of the jet with the jet stream =(x+y)mi/hour

Step 2

A jet travels 4576 mi against a jetstream in  8 hours. 

So, in 1 hour it travels = 4576/8=572 mile.


Step 3

A jet travels 5696 miles with the jet stream in 8 hours. 

So ...

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