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A lift to raise a crate to height of 10.0 m is used. [1hp= 746 W]

Explain how much work in N m is done to do this?  The crate's  mass is 2000 kg.  Please explain the variables, which may be W=(mg) delta X.  I don't understand the relationship or concept well.


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Step 1

The work done by a system is obtained by taking the scaler product of the force and displacement.



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W =F.a = Fd cos e

Step 2

In case, if the force and the displacement of the body is in the same direction, then the angle between force and displacement will be zero.

So, the expression for work, for such cases becomes:


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Fd cos 0° W = Fd

Step 3

In the provided scenario, the applied force is equivalent to the weight of the lift, in order to lift it. So, the force will be same as weight of the ...


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F mg


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