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A liquid with a density of 1.65 g/cm3 flows from left to right in the pipe, from larger to smaller cross section. The left side's cross-sectional area is 10.0 cm2, and while in this side, the speed of the liquid is 2.62 m/s, and the pressure is 1.20 ✕ 105 Pa. The right side's cross sectional-area is 3.00 cm2. What is the velocity and and pressure?


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The density of the liquid is 1650kg/m3. Let the area of cross section of the left end be 10.0cm2, speed of the liquid is 2.91m/s, and pressure be 1.20Pa. The area of cross section at the right end be 4.50cm2.

Step 2

(a)Write the equation ...


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[A is the area of cross section] v is the speed of the liquid Av = 4,v, 10*m?x2.91m/s= 4.50x10*m² xV, 2.91x10- V, -m/s 4.50 x10 = 6.46m/s


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