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A local retailer claims that the mean waiting time is less than 9 minutes . A random sample of waiting times has a mean of 7.4 minutes with a standard deviation of 2.1 minutes . At a=0.01, test the retailers claim. Assume the distribution is normally distributed . Round the test statistic to the nearest thousandth.

D) Draw the t- distribution withthe area that represents the P-value shaded

E)Determine and interpret the P-value . What is the conclusion of the hypothesis test?


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Step 1


Let µ be the population mean waiting time. A random sample of 20 waiting times has a mean of 7.4 minutes with a standard deviation of 2.1 minutes .

Step 1:

The local retailer claims that the mean waiting time is less than 9 minutes .Therefore, the  null and alternative hypothesis can be stated as follows.

H0: µ = 9

Ha: µ < 9

Step 2

 Step 2:

The test statistic t is computed by

Step 3

From the given data, the test st...


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