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A long, straight wire lies in the plane of a circular coil with a
radius of 0.010 m. The wire carries a current of 2.0 A and is
placed along a diameter of the coil. (a) What is the net flux
through the coil? (b) If the wire passes through the center of
the coil and is perpendicular to the plane of the coil, what is
the net flux through the coil ?


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Step 1


From the above figure, every field line that comes up through the area A on one side of the wire, goes back down through area A on the other side of the wire. Thus, the net flux through the coil is zero.


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I- 2A R = 0.01 m Figure 1

Step 2

If the wire passes through centre of the coil that is when the wire is perpendicular to the coil then angle between magnetic field and areal vector that is a vector normal to the area of the


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loop e = 90° ø = BAcose = BAcos90 %3D

Step 3


Length of the cube l = 2.5 cm
magnetic field Bx = 5T
and the area of the shaded curve is A = l2 = (2.5 cm)×(2...

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