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A man exerts a horizontal force of 125 N on a crate with a
mass of 30.0 kg. (a) If the crate doesn’t move, what’s the magnitude
of the static friction force? (b) What is the minimum
possible value of the coefficient of static friction between the
crate and the floor?


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Step 1


Mass of the crate = 30 kg

Force applied by the man = 125 N

Step 2

Calculating the value of...


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The free body diagram for the given condition: F, mg Where F is the force applied and F; is the static friction force. Equation for motion of the crate, F -F; = ma As it is given that for F = 125 N, the box does not move. %3D Hence, 125 N-F: = m (0) = 0 Or F, = 125 N So, the value of friction force would be 125 N.


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