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A mass is hanging from a spring that is moving as v(t) = 4.9sin(4.5t). So the velocity is at 0 m/s on a periodic basis. For example, when t = 0 s, the velocity is 0 m/s. What is the ACCELERATION of the mass when the velocity at the NEXT possible time (after 0 seconds) where the velocity is 0 m/s? Report your answer to the tenth's decimal place.


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Step 1

As per the question, a mass is hanging with the spring and it is oscillating with velocity  v(t)=4.9Sin(4.5t), we have to find the acceleration of the attached block.

Step 2

We know that,

Where a is the acceleration of the block,

Step 3

Now, for the finding the acceleration of the block, we ...


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