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A merchant in Kathmandu sells you a solid-gold, 1.5-kg statue for a very reasonable price. When you get home, you wonder whether you got a bargain, so you lower the statue into a container of water and measure the volume of displaced water.

Find the volume of water displaced for 1.5 kg of pure gold.

v = 


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Step 1

The volume of the water displaced will be equal to the volume of the gold statue. The density of gold is a constant. The equation for the density is given by


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т V Here, p is the density, m is the mass and V is the volume.

Step 2

Rewrite the above eq...


Image Transcriptionclose

V =- (1) The density of gold is 19300 kg/m3 Substitute the numerical values in equation (1) 1.5 kg V 19300 kg/m = 7.77x 10 m


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