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A mixture consisting of 0.140 mol N2, 0.037 mol O2, 0.104 mol CH4, and an unknown amount of CO2 occupies a volume of 8.48 L at 27°C and 1.06 atm pressure. How many moles of CO2 are there in this sample?

a. 0.719 mol

b. 2.45 mol

c. 0.364 mol

d. 0.0839 mol

e. 3.77 mol


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Step 1

To calculate the moles of carbon dioxide of given sample using the following gas law formula.


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PV=nRT here, pressure(P)-1.06 atm volume(V) 8.48 L temperature(T)=27'C or 300.15K ideal gas costant(R)=0.08206 L.atm/ mol.K number of moles(n)=?

Step 2

Let us take x is the moles of carbon dioxide, then the total moles of the givne sample as follows:


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Total moles of mixture 0.14+0.037+0.104 x (0.281+x)

Step 3

The calculation of moles of carbon diox...


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PV=nRT PV RT 1.06 atmx8.48 L (0.281 x) moles=. 0.08206 L.atm/mol.K x 300. 15 K (0.281 x) moles=0.36494 moles x 0.08394 moles


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