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A molecule in a gas undergoes 3e+09 collisions in each second. Suppose that
(a) every collision is effective in deactivating the molecule rotationally. Calculate the linewidth of rotational transitions in the molecule.  MHz
(b) Suppose that 1 collisions in 10 are effective.  MHz


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Step 1


Calculate the mean time between the collisions,


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Collisionalfrequency = 3x10° collisions/sec 1 Mean time betweeen collisions Collisions freq 1 - sec - 0.333x10 sec Δt - 3x109

Step 2

Calculate the energy change usin...


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h ΔΕΧ Δt 4π 6.626x10 J.s 4x 3.14 χ0.333 x1 09s -34 ΔΕ 4π Χ t 6.626 -x105 1.58x105J 4.1825 =1.58x10 x1.509x1033 Hz = 2.38x103 Hz = 238 MHz


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