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A nurse pushes a cart by exerting a force on the handle at a downward angle of 35.0 below the horizontal.  The loaded cart has a mass of 28.0 kg and the force of friction is 60.0 N.  What force must the nurse exert to move at a constant velocity?
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73.2 N
49.1 N
38.9 N
28.3 N

Expert Answer

Step 1

Mass of the loaded cart,

Friction force on a cart,


Image Transcriptionclose

m 28.0 kg F60.0 N

Step 2

Exert force on a cart,


Image Transcriptionclose

F F cos

Step 3

In this case, at a constant velocity a=0....


Image Transcriptionclose

Fa-F ma(a 0) F cose Ft cos e


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