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A pair of dice is rolled 60 times and the sums are recorded. Determine the empirical probability of rolling a sum of 2. 


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Step 1

To find that the empirical probability of rolling a sum of 2 (two).

Definition of Empirical probability:

The empirical probability of an event E is given by, the ratio of the number of times the event E has occurred to the total number of times the experiment has been performed.

Step 2


Let E denotes the event that a sum of two appears on the pair of dice,

If the pair of dice is rolled, sample space is


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(L1)(1.2)(1.3)(1,4)(1,5)(1.6) (2.1)(2,2)(2.3)(2.4)(2,5) (2, 6) (3,1)(3,2) (3,3)(3,4)(3,5) (3, 6) |(4.1)(4,2) (4,3)(4.4)(4,5)(4, 6) (5,1)(5,2)(5,3)(5.4)(5,5)(5,6) (6,1)(6,2) (6,3)(6,4) (6,5)(6,6) S =

Step 3

The pair to get sum of 2 is (1, 2).

The numbe...

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